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Do you like to be in control? Good because we have the most timid girls around here, they just love for you to tell them what to do and they would never say no to anything, our girls love to be spanked and teased why not spank them and whip them, all of them loved to be used and turned into dirty little whores they will gladly work on your every need and kneel before you, the will address you only as sir or master and they will always do as there told, they will succumb to anything you want always pleased to serve you they will even serve you and your friends if that's what you like they will not speak unless told to or unless spoken too, they know there place girls who love to be used and shown the way by you, why not call one now so that we can order her to call you straight back she would not dare keep you waiting, you can even leave instructions on what you would like her to be wearing for your phone call, these girls wont even piss without your say so, they need you to give them a firm hand in everything get your credit card out now, and call us remember we will always have the right girl for you just tell us what you want many girls at home waiting for your instructions they are so desperate they need you ring them now so that they can call you back for a live one to one totally private uncensored not recorded call back all of them are waiting with their head hung low on their knees for you.

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