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Do you have a small cock? Do you like to be cuckolded? yes good we have the perfect humiliation mistresses waiting for you?
I bet your a filthy no good peice of shit yourself, who loves to be turned into a turned into a dirty bitch yourself, maybe you just need to be told how useless you are and how your cock is not big enough or good enough.
our mistresses know how to humiliate you, how to make sure you feel as small as possible with no conscience at all, they are hard faced and just love being cruel to pathetic maggots like you, they will laugh at you poke fun at you and even threaten you unless you do what they want our girls love mocking you too, sometimes they just ignore what you say and continue to taunt you, I bet you love that dont you? I bet you tiny useless cock is getting hard thinking about being abused by a gorgeous mistress, knowing that you are not worthy of her time knowing that you are that sad you have to pay for it, call now book your call back and dont leave her waiting you need to be put in your place dont you? call now for a live one to one with your mistress let her control you and make you feel small, smaller than you already feel.

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